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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update
Due to the coronavirus outbreak, we are experiencing some delays in shipping times and product availability (2-3 weeks). Rest assured, the Scrubs in Fashion team is making every effort to get your uniforms out to you as soon as possible and we will continue to do so throughout this crisis. We appreciate you, the heroes working on the front lines of this crisis in every sector of the medical field and we thank you for your service.

Cherokee Workwear » womens » Tops Womens
Cherokee Scrubs tops womens
Warm-Up Jacket...
Style: 4315

Price: $24.00
Warm-up Jacket...
Style: 4350

Price: $20.00
V-Neck Top...
Style: 4700

Price: $17.50
V-Neck Top...
Style: 4710

Price: $20.00
27" V-Neck Top...
Style: 4727

Price: $20.00
27" Mock Wrap Top...
Style: 4728

Price: $21.00
Novelty V-Neck Top...
Style: 4746

Price: $17.50
Snap Front Top...
Style: 4770

Price: $15.00
Mock Wrap Tunic...
Style: 4801

Price: $16.00
Round Neck Top...
Style: 4824

Price: $17.50
Womens Snap Front Warm-up Jacket...
Style: WW340

Price: $21.00
Womens Zip Front Knit Jacket...
Style: WW371

Price: $36.00
Women's 36" Lab Coat...
Style: WW420AB

Price: $38.00
Women's 28" Consultation Lab Coat...
Style: WW450AB

Price: $34.00
Womens Zip Front Knit Vest...
Style: WW521

Price: $30.00
Workwear Womens Mock Wrap Top...
Style: WW655

Price: $17.00
Womens V-Neck O.R. Top...
Style: WW657

Price: $17.00
Womens V-Neck Top...
Style: WW665

Price: $16.00
Womens Maternity Mock Wrap Top...
Style: WW685

Price: $27.00
Womens Snap Front Polo Shirt...
Style: WW698

Price: $22.00
Womens Mock Wrap Top...
Style: WW705

Price: $17.00
Womens V-Neck Top...
Style: WW710

Price: $19.00
Womens V-Neck Top...
Style: WW741AB

Price: $22.00